Zoning Board of Adjustment

Created according to state law to hear petitions for Variances, Special Exceptions, Changes and Enlargement of Non-Conforming Uses, Equitable Waiver of Dimensional Requirements and Appeals of Administrative Decisions.

Staff Liaison

John Rogers, Zoning Administrator

Corinne Marcou, Clerk



Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Council Chambers, 2nd floor, Keene City Hall.

  • Active Members

      First Name Last Name Type Term Expires
    1. Joseph Hoppock Regular 12/31/2021
    2. Josh Gorman Regular 12/31/2019
    3. Michael Welsh Regular 12/31/2020
    4. Jane Taylor Regular 12/31/2021
    5. Joshua Greenwald Regular 12/31/2020
    6. Arthur Gaudio Alternate 12/31/2020
    7. Louise Zerba Alternate 12/31/2021
    8. Position Vacant Alternate 12/31/2021
    9 Position Vacant Alternate 12/31/2021
      Last Updated 01/07/2020    
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