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Rates & Fees

Please click on various sections below to see rates and fees associated. 

  • Permit Fees

    1. Encumbrance Permit: $50
    2. Excavation Permit: $75 + Infrared Deposit (if applicable)
    3. Sewer Connection Permit:
      • $15.00 for residential, institutional or commercial service 
      • $30.00 for industrial service

    *Inspection fees may apply.

    Click here to submit a permit application online

  • Recycling Center Fees

    Household Hazardous Waste Information and Schedules

    Sharps Disposal

    Items that can be brought to the Keene Recycling Center at NO CHARGE:

    • Glass food and beverage containers (no ceramics, window glass, drinking glasses, bake ware or light bulbs.)  Please remove tops if possible
    • Steel cans
    • Aluminum cans
    • Aluminum foil
    • Pie tins and trays
    • PETE #1 (Polyethylene Terephalate) and HDPE #2 (High Density Polyethylene) plastics (tops are OK) - NO STYROFOAM, LARGE PLASTIC TOYS, PLASTIC BAGS, OR PLASTIC FILM.
    • Newspapers (inserts are OK)
    • Mixed paper (including magazines, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, stationary, computer paper, office paper, boxboard and shredded paper) - NO SOILED PAPER, JUICE BOXES, CARTONS, NO STYROFOAM, PLASTIC BAGS and the shipping envelopes with the bubble wrap inside.
    • Paper bags
    • Corrugated cardboard - NO SOILED Cardboard, NO STYROFOAM and PLASTIC BAGS and PLASTIC FILM.
    • Automobile batteries
    • Used clothing (must be clean, dry and bagged)
    • Scrap metal
    • Yard trimmings (leaves, grass clippings, pine needles)
    • Cell phones
    • Cooking oil (liquid)
    • Books
    • Passenger car tires without rims (Keene residents ONLY - 4 tires per registered vehicle)
    • Metal appliances (except those that contain a refrigerant)
    • Compact fluorescent light bulbs - KEENE RESIDENTS ONLY
    • Dispose of lead fishing weights. (located at the recycling center public area, near the book and magazine drop off.)

    Public Refuse Drop Off Rates:

    • Checks and disposal tickets only - cash is NOT accepted at the recycling center.
    • Disposal tickets are available for sale at the Keene Recycling Center and City Hall Revenue Collections Office. 
    • Tickets are good for 20 bags (400 pounds of refuse)
    • $2.00 per 33 gallon (or smaller) bag, up to 10 bags. 
    • $4.00 per bag for larger than 33 gallons.
    • $0.10/lb for more than 10 bags or loose refuse including furniture.
    • Christmas Trees are $2.00 each. Trees must be free of all lights and decorations. 

    Other Service Fees: (*Minimum $2.00 Charge)

    • Brush (per pound): $0.027
    • Compost bins may be purchased for: $46.00 (Keene residents) and $66.00 (non-Keene residents)
    • Recyclable Construction Debris $124 per ton or $.062/lb.
    • Mixed load of construction debris (non-recyclable/ resident customers only): $0.10/lb 
    • Electronics: $0.45/lb
    • Florescent light bulbs: $0.15/foot
    • Mattresses w/ Innersprings (each): $20.00
      • Box springs: $2.50
      • Foam and Futon mattresses are charged as household refuse ($0.10/lb)
    • Refuse Tipping fee: $200/ton ($0.10/lb).
    • Passenger tires
      • Off Rim: $2.00
      • On Rim: $5.00
    • Truck Tires: $5.50 (Prices vary by size)
    • Truck tires on rim: $10.00
    • Propane Tanks: (up to 20lbs): $2.00 (30-100lbs): $20.00
    • Acetylene and Oxygen tanks: $25.00/each
    • Helium Tanks: $5.00
    • Fire Extinguishers: $10.00
    • Shingles, clean load (tar paper, nails, some flashing is ok), no plastic, vinyl or trash mixed in: $0.0525/lb or $105.00/ton

    Pressure treated (PT) lumber is non-recyclable wood and would go into the trash at $.10/lb. 
    Any non PT lumber that has paint, stain or nails, can still be recycled. Wood from cabinets or particle board can also be recycled at $.06/lb.

    There is also free compost available for the taking - please bring your own shovel.

    Recyclable Electronics or E-Waste:

    $9.00 minimum for small items such a computer tower, keyboard, monitor, small printers laptops and smartphones. Larger items such as TV’s, office copiers and microwaves etc. are at $0.45/lb.

    Not Allowed Items:

    • Smoke Detectors: Dispose of with your trash.
    • Ammunition: Bring to local Police department.
    • Fireworks should be brought to the Keene Fire Department.
    • Gun powder to the State Police.
      To call NH State Police and leave a message: 603-223-8590

    Hours are Monday-Friday 7:00-3:00 PM and Saturdays 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  603-352-5739

    We are CLOSED for the following holidays: 
    New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

    Keene Recycling Center is located off Route 12, at 55 Old Summit Road, Keene, NH 03431 Directions

  • Water/Sewer Rates

    Click here for current Water/Sewer Rates for 2019.

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