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    State law authorizes police officers to use force in the performance of their duties. The State law also requires that no more force be used than is necessary or reasonable to accomplish a lawful task. To track and evaluate when and how Keene Police Officers use force a use of force report is completed whenever force is used by an on-duty police officer and an annual review and analysis of all such reports is conducted each calendar year. This is done to evaluate our field performance, compliance with law and policy and to identify trends or training needs that may be missed when looking at use of force incidents individually.

    2018 Use of Force Audit

    2017 Use of Force Audit

    2016 Use of Force Audit


    It is the policy of the Keene Police Department to receive and investigate all complaints alleging member misconduct to determine if the allegations are sustained and, if so, to take appropriate action.

    The general procedure is that all complaints against the department or its members will first be referred to the on-duty shift commander. If the complaint falls within the criteria established for a supervisory resolution, the matter should be resolved at the supervisory level. If the complaint falls within the criteria established for an internal investigation, then the supervisor should complete the preliminary steps and forward the complaint to the Police Chief for further action. In all cases, complaints should be resolved as soon as possible at the lowest level possible without compromising the quality of the investigation or resolution.

    A statistical summary is compiled each year to provide us with an overview of the nature of and scope of citizen complaints and any trends or special concerns that may become apparent.

    CY 2018 Statistical Summary of Citizen Complaints/Internal Investigations

    CY 2017 Statistical Summary of Citizen Complaints/Internal Investigations

    CY 2016 Statistical Summary of Citizen Complaints/Internal Investigations

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