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Run…Bike…Hike…Play and experience the Paths of Keene!

Welcome to the beautiful Keene area, nestled in the southwest corner of New Hampshire offering unique recreational opportunities to people of all ages and interest – biking, jogging, or walking. Enjoy your journey through forests, fields and a vibrant downtown filled with shops and restaurants.

We envision opportunities for you to enhance your health and well-being by enjoying your outside experience on our trails and parks. Our trails are paved, gravel or natural to offer a variety of experiences – downtown to forested parks and active farms for all levels of experience and expectations.


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  • Trail System

    Take advantage of the multiple bike trails Keene has to offer. Our trails are family friendly so all ages can be zooming around Keene. Check out our map by clicking here and enjoy our wonderful city's trails.

    Bike/Tail Map

  • Appel Way

    appel way.JPG

    Connecting Wheelock Park to historic Court Street lined with magnificent examples of Victorian architecture, this paved route includes numerous parks and natural space, including areas abutting the Ashuelot River and Jonathan Daniels Trail. Restrooms are available at Wheelock Park (summer only).

    Uses: rollerblading, surface/off-road bikes, hiking, pedestrians, etc.

    Amenities: restrooms, food/drink, historic buildings, parks, parking

    Length: 1.23 miles

    Surface: Easy, paved trail, with a few hill

  • Ashuelot Rail Trail


    Beginning at the center of Keene to the towns of Swanzey and Hinsdale, just south of Pisgah State Park, this multi-use picturesque trail offers meandering country roads, a covered bridge and panoramic views of the Ashuelot River. As you travel this trail by the campus of Keene State College and beyond the borders of Keene you will find historical architecture. Restrooms are available throughout.

    Uses: rollerblading, pedestrian, surface/off-road bikes, hiking,cross-country skiing,

    Amenities: restrooms, food/drink, covered bridge, historic buildings, parking

    Length: 1.54 miles

    Surface: .55 miles paved on north end of trail; .99 miles packed gravel and improved sections to the south of State Route 101 leading towards Swanzey

  • Jonathan Daniels Trail

    jonathan daniels.JPG

    Running along the Ashuelot River watershed, this trail carries cultural and environmental significance, boasting the site of the oldest known evidence of man in NH, dating back more than 10,500 years. Blue heron, raptors, waterfowl, songbirds, loons and nighthawks are often observed along
    this trail. Bike racks, nearby benches, a flower garden and a family friendly park with a footbridge highlight the river dam. Restrooms are available along West Street.

    Uses: surface/off-road bikes, hiking, pedestrians

    Amenities: restrooms, food/drink, historic buildings, parking

    Length: .87 miles

    Surface: Hard packed

  • Cheshire Rail Trail

    cheshire rail trail.JPG

    A paved, family-friendly multi-use pathway displays Keene’s rich history of notable mills and buildings of architectural import. Urban settings with a skate park turn into the rural and bucolic scenery of Stonewall Farm. A trail bridge over Route 9 leads to Whitcombs Mill Road. Restrooms are available at some downtown businesses and at Stonewall Farm.

    Uses: rollerblading, hiking, pedestrian, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling

    Amenities: restrooms, food/drink, historic buildings, parking

    Length: Total trail distance from Stonewall Farm (North) to Eastern Avenue (South) 4.6 miles

    Surface: Paved, hard packed and natural

  • Walking Trails

    Study after study underscores the value of exercise in an overall healthy lifestyle. Walking stimulates the growth of healthy bone tissue, helps keep your metabolism tuned up for weight control, and improves sleep and mental health. Join Cheshire Walkers on one of our weekly, Wednesday morning walks or hikes in Cheshire County.
    To keep the group rolling along merrily, please be sure to dress appropriately for weather (layers are recommended), and bring water in a non-breakable container. For most hikes, hiking boots or sturdy shoes with good tread and adequate ankle support are essential. At the request of our participants, please leave dogs at home. Occasionally, muddy or wet sections, or places which are slippery due to leaves on the ground may be encountered on the trails, so be prepared! Each outing is rated according to difficulty and distance. As with all exercise, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning a new regimen. In case of inclement weather or for Cheshire Walkers information, call leaders at numbers listed or 603-354-5460.

    No need to sign up, just come! 

    INDOOR WALKING PROGRAM at the Recreation Center
    Neither snow nor sleet nor dark of night keeps the faithful from their appointed rounds - around the gym or the multi-purpose room at the Recreation Center, that is.

    Keene Recreation Center 312 Washington Street, Keene
    Open for walking Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM, year-round.
    Hours may differ during school vacations: signs will be posted.
    For the nominal fee of $10

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