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Keene Public Library Summer Reading and Learning

Summer is here! And at the Keene Public Library, that means that you can meet reading goals, earn prizes, complete fun at-home activities, and dig deeper into the vast world of knowledge while participating in our annual Summer Reading and Learning Program. There is something fun for everyone this summer at the library! Whether you read or listen to fiction, nonfiction, or a little of both, sign up and join in!

How Summer Reading Works:

We have four separate programs:

Very Young Kids,

School-Age Kids,



You can choose the one that fits you best. By logging, minutes read, and activities completed, you earn virtual badges. You will also win a prize for reading at least 15 hours and completing some fun discovery and investigation activities this summer!

Programs will be offered virtually and in-person in our Courtyard and other outdoor locations. Visit for a calendar of events.

The last day of our Summer Reading & Learning Clubs will be August 15th! 

Why Reading?

Taking time to read is good for everyone, but summer reading is especially crucial for children. Students who don't read during summer can face summer learning loss. By joining the Summer Reading and Learning Club and attending free library programs, kids can prevent this from happening.

Reading expert Stephen Krashen says:

•    Children read more when they listen to and discuss books.
•    Reading skills grow by reading.
•    Reading helps improve children’s writing.

During the summer months:

•    Read to young children daily.
•    Read a chapter book to your school-age children by reading aloud one or two chapters every day.
•    Encourage your children to spend time reading and looking at books.
•    Talk with your children about what they are reading.
•    Ask your library about programs for children.

  • Sign Up For Summer Reading and Log Your Reading and Listening

    All are invited to join June 19 through August 15. It's free and fun for all ages!

    You can signup online, or you can call 603-352-0157, and we will sign you up.

    Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers (Parents and will keep track of the time they share with very young children)

    School-Age Children (children can keep track of the time they listen to or read books)

    Teens (teens keep track of the time they listen to or read books)

    Adults (adults will keep track of books read or listening to)

    If you registered last summer, you could use the same username and password. If you are a new user or do not recall your previous summer’s info, create a new username and password! Usernames are must be unique to all participants throughout the country, so your personal username may have been used, and you may need to adjust it. Passwords require at least five characters and are case-sensitive. Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email. SAVE IT!  

    Parents/guardians can access all of their children’s accounts from a single log-in using the Family Management Portal. Group registration is available for summer groups and daycares. You can choose a personal reading goal. You do that once you log your reading. Optional summer challenges will be found under the CHALLENGES tab or at the Keene Library. For each challenge completed, you will be automatically entered into our grand prize raffle. 

  • Download Reading Logs

    You can pick up reading logs and Bingo sheets at the library, or you can print them off here. You also can complete your reading program completely online. It is up to you how you manage the reading program.

    Time Log for Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers and Early Learning Bingo

    Time Log for Children and Bingo Sheet

    Time Log for Teens

    Book Log for Adults and Bingo Sheet

  • Prizes

    The first prize is a free book, and you will receive a prize for registering. 

    Other prizes are award for meeting various reaching benchmarks. These prizes are gift certificates to local restaurants and other items. Each reading program will include information about its prizes and prize levels.

    There will also be a grand prize, a raffle of a $50 gift certificate to BagelWorks. The more reading and challenges completed, the more chances each participant will have in the raffle.

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