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City Hall, Keene, NH

Europe: Renaissance

Avi. Midnight magic
In Italy in 1491, Mangus the magician and his apprentice are summoned to the castle of Duke Claudio to determine if his daughter is indeed being haunted by a ghost.

Dana, Barbara. Young Joan 
Joan, a girl growing up in the French countryside during the Hundred Years' War, begins to hear voices telling her she is destined to reunite her torn country in opposition to the English invaders.

Garden, Nancy. Dove and sword 
In 1455 in France, Gabrielle is visited by Pierre d'Arc, a brother of Joan of Arc, and with him reminisces about their childhood together in Domremy and Joan's subsequent trial and burning at the stake at Rouen twenty-four years before.

Kelly, Eric Philbrook. The Trumpeter of Krakow
A story of a courageous patriot and a mysterious jewel of great value.

Konigsburg, E. L. The second Mrs. Giaconda 
Relates, from the point of view of his servant Salai, how Leonardo da Vinci came to paint the Mona Lisa.

Morpurgo, Michael. Joan of Arc of Domremy 
While sitting on the riverbank in the ancient French city of Orleans, seventeen-year-old Eloise hears a voice which relates the adventures and struggles of the medieval heroine, Joan of Arc, as she fights to free France by driving out the English.

Stevenson, Robert Louis. The black arrow: a tale of the two roses 
A young Englishman, seeking to avenge the death of his father, becomes involved in the band of the Black Arrow and the events of the War of the Roses.

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