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In September, the City of Keene’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program (EP3) Committee and the Information Technology (IT) Department... More»

Winners of the Mayor and City Council seats that were on the ballot at yesterday’s Municipal General Election in Keene:

Mayor: KENDALL LANE... More»

The purpose of the leaf collection program is to clear the City’s storm drains of leaves and debris.


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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the members of the Keene Fire Department. 2 days 5 hours ago
Advoid the holiday rush buy your tickets at KPRD! - 3 days 4 hours ago
The game room is open from 9-5pm! There is no night programming. will be closed and reopen Monday :30am. Happy Thanksgiving! 3 days 7 hours ago
If you are using a turkey deep fryer tomorrow make sure the unit is away from all structures and decks. Have a fire extinguisher available. 3 days 7 hours ago
Cooking fires are dramatically increased on Thanksgiving. Make sure to keep combustibles clear of cooking areas. 3 days 7 hours ago

City Events

League starting January 3rd is designed

Program for grades 6-8. Deadline is December 3

Starting January 2nd, the KPRD will offer co-

Wednesday, March 16th - KPRD will be taking

The Keene Parks and Recreation Department,

KPRD is offering a trip to see the Red Sox on

Join us December 18th at 6:00 PM for a

On December 19th from 7:00 pm to 8:30pm the