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United States: 1700s

Anderson, Laurie Halse. Fever, 1793 
In 1793 Philadelphia, sixteen-year-old Matilda Cook, separated from her sick mother, learns about perseverance and self- reliance when she is forced to cope with the horrors of a yellow fever epidemic.

Avi. The fighting ground 
Thirteen-year-old Jonathan goes off to fight in the Revolutionary War and discovers the real war is being fought within himself.

Avi. Night journeys
In the spring of 1768, twelve-year-old Peter, living with his guardian near the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border, joins in the search for two runaway indentured servants.

Brady, Esther Wood. Toliver's secret
During the Revolutionary War, a ten-year-old girl crosses enemy lines to deliver a loaf of bread containing a message for the patriots.

Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. Weaver's daughter 
In 1791 after her family's journey from Pennsylvania, ten-year-old Lizzie suffers from the disease of asthma in her new home in the Southwest Territory (present-day Tennessee).

Bruchac, Joseph. The arrow over the door
In the year 1777, a group of Quakers and a party of Indians have a memorable meeting.

Bruchac, Joseph. The winter people 
As the French and Indian War rages in October of 1759, Saxso, a fourteen-year-old Abenaki boy, pursues the English rangers who have attacked his village and taken his mother and sisters hostage.

Buckey, Sarah Masters. Enemy in the Fort
In 1754, with her own parents taken captive, twelve-year-old Rebecca must confront her fear and hatred of the Abenaki when a boy raised by members of that tribe is brought to the fort at Charleston, New Hampshire, just before a series of thefts occurs.

Clapp, Patricia. I'm Deborah Sampson: a soldier in the War of the Revolution  Relates the experiences of the woman who disguised herself as a man in order to enlist and fight in the American Revolution.

Collier, James Lincoln. The bloody country 
In the mid-eighteenth century a family moves from Connecticut to Pennsylvania and becomes involved in the property conflict between the two states.

Collier, James Lincoln. Jump ship to freedom 
In 1787 a fourteen-year-old slave, anxious to buy freedom for himself and his mother, escapes from his dishonest master and tries to find help in cashing the solidier's notes received by his father for fighting in the Revolution.

Collier, James Lincoln. My brother Sam is dead 
Recounts the tragedy that strikes the Meeker family during the Revolution when one son joins the rebel forces while the rest of the family tries to stay neutral in a Tory town.

Collier, James Lincoln. The winter hero 
Anxious to be a hero, a young boy relates how he becomes involved in Shays' Rebellion begun by farmers in western Massachusetts against unfair taxation levied on them by the Boston government.

Cooney, Caroline B. The ransom of Mercy Carter 
In 1704, in the English settlement of Deerfield, Massachusetts, eleven-year-old Mercy and her family and neighbors are captured by Mohawk Indians and their French allies, and forced to march through bitter cold to French Canada, where some adapt to new lives and some still hope to be ransomed.

Curtis, Alice Turner. The little maid Series
The series details the adventures of girls set in the US during the 1700s.
A little maid of Mohawk Valley 
During the Revolutionary War, ten-year-old Joanne Clarke, living in a log cabin in the Mohawk Valley, delivers an important message to General Philip Schuyler at Albany after being kidnapped and abandoned by an Indian.

Dubois, Muriel L. Abenaki captive 
In 1752, nineteen-year-old Abenaki warrior Ogistin is present when a band of his people capture an English trapper, John Stark, and as Stark is carried into captivity in Canada a bond of hate and competition develops between him and Ogistin.

Durrant, Lynda. The beaded moccasins 
After being captured by a group of Delaware Indians and given to their leader as a replacement for his dead granddaughter, twelve-year-old Mary Campbell is forced to travel west with them to Ohio.

Durrant, Lynda. Betsy Zane, the rose of Fort Henry 
In 1781 twelve-year-old Elizabeth Zane, great-great-aunt of novelist Zane Grey, leaves Philadelphia to return to her brothers' homestead near Fort Henry in what is now West Virginia, where she plays an important role in the final battle of the American Revolution.

Faulkner, Nancy. A stage for Rom
Rom and his twin Polly move to Colonial Williamsburg and Rom joins a company of actors. Their lives are changed forever when some old puppets and a stolen horse add up to a mystery and they make an exciting discovery.

Field, Rachel. Calico bush 
Marguerite Ledoux, called Maggie by the English family to whom she is bound-out, saves their lives by arranging a Maypole dance for attacking Indians.

Forbes, Esther. Johnny Tremain 
After injuring his hand, a silversmith's apprentice in Boston becomes a messenger for the Sons of Liberty in the days before the American Revolution.

Frederick, Heather Vogel. The voyage of Patience Goodspeed 
Following their mother's death in Nantucket, Captain Goodspeed brings twelve-year-old Patience and six-year-old Tad aboard his whaling ship, where a new crew member incites a mutiny and Patience puts her mathematical ability to good use.

Goodman, Joan E. Hope's crossing
When kidnapped by English Loyalists during the Revolutionary War, thirteen-year-old Hope draws on every ounce of courage within her to respond to the ordeal.

Gregory, Kristiana. Five smooth stones: Hope's diary 
In her diary, a young girl writes about her life and the events surrounding the beginning of the American Revolution in Philadelphia in 1776.

Hudson, Jan. Dawn rider 
Kit Fox's sixteenth year with her people, the Bloods, is filled with preparations for an important buffalo run, talk of her older sister's coming marriage, and skirmishes with their traditional enemy the Snakes.

Jones, Elizabeth McDavid. Mystery on Skull Island 
In 1724, twelve-year-old Rachel and her friend Sally discover a pirates' hiding place on a deserted island near Charles Town, South Carolina, and they suspect it may be connected to the woman who will soon become Rachel's stepmother.

Keehn, Sally M. I am Regina 
In 1755, as the French and Indian War begins, ten-year-old Regina is kidnapped by Indians in western Pennsylvania, and she must struggle to hold onto memories of her earlier life as she grows up under the name of Tskinnak and starts to become Indian herself.

Moss, Marissa. Emma's journal: the story of a Colonial girl 
From 1774 to 1776, Emma describes in her journal her stay in Boston, where she witnesses the British blockade and spies for the American militia. Features hand-printed text, drawings, and marginal notes.

O'Dell, Scott. Sarah Bishop 
Left alone after the deaths of her father and brother who take opposite sides in the War for Independence, and fleeing from the British who seek to arrest her, Sarah Bishop struggles to shape a new life for herself in the wilderness.

Rinaldi, Ann. A break with charity: a story about the Salem witch trials 
While waiting for a church meeting in 1706, Susanna English, daughter of a wealthy Salem merchant, recalls the malice, fear, and accusations of witchcraft that tore her village apart in 1692.

Rinaldi, Ann. The second bend in the river
In 1798 Rebecca, a young settler in the Ohio territory, meets the Shawnee called Tecumseh and later develops a deep friendship with him.

Shaik, Fatima. Melitte 
In 1772, years of mistreatment force thirteen-year-old Melitte to decide whether or not to run away from the Frenchman who has kept her as a slave on his poor Louisiana farm and leave the young girl who is the only person who ever loved her.

Shub, Elizabeth. Cutlass in the snow 
In 1797 Sam and his grandfather explore the wild and uninhabited Fire Island, just missing a band of pirates but finding a cutlass and buried treasure.

Speare, Elizabeth George. Calico Captive
This story is very loosely based on the true captivity narrative of Susannah Johnson. The focus of the book is on Mrs. Johnson's younger sister, Miriam Willard, who was just 14 at the time she and her older sister's family were captured by Abenaki Indians in 1754, but Ms. Speare increased her age to 16. The book is filled with adventure and romance and how cultures and religions clashed on the 18th century frontier: New England farmers vs. Abenaki warriors, Puritanism vs. Roman Catholicism, and English vs. French loyalties.

Speare, Elizabeth George. The sign of the beaver 
Left alone to guard the family's wilderness home in eighteenth-century Maine, a boy is hard-pressed to survive until local Indians teach him their skills.

Swoboda. The hollow tree
It is 1777, and fifteen-year-old Phoebe Olcott is thrown headlong into the turmoil of war when her beloved cousin Gideon is hanged as a British spy.

Walter, Mildred Pitts. Second daughter: the story of a slave girl
In late eighteenth-century Massachusetts, Aissa, the fictional younger sister of Elizabeth Freeman, relates how her sister gains freedom for herself and her family by bringing a suit against their owner in court.

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