Well Switch

To the City of Keene's sensitive water users: West Street Well #1 will be shut down and Court Street Well #1 will be turned on Monday, October 19, 2020. When a well is started up/shut down the direction of flow in the distribution system may change and create discolored water for a short period of time. 
Should you experience any discoloration in water, close all taps but one and run cold water for 10 minutes. If the water does not run clear, turn off and repeat after 30 mins. If water is still not clear please call our office. If you notice discolored water after laundry, DO NOT dry the laundry and contact or stop by our office at 350 Marlboro Street, we will give you a product designed to remove the stains.
If you have any questions regarding this post please call our office at 352-6550.

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