Roxbury Street Work Planned

Work currently underway by Liberty Utilities to replace gas mains on Roxbury Street has raised questions about what this summer will be like for the Roxbury Street neighborhood.

Keene Public Works has two projects planned: The Roxbury Street Flood Improvements Project and paving included with the annual Road Rehabilitation Project.  Bids for both projects were received and the City has selected qualified contractors to perform the work.

The Road Rehabilitation Project is tentatively scheduled to begin in mid to late June. Roxbury Street will be resurfaced from the new bridge at Beaver Brook, in an easterly direction all the way to Water Street. The Contractor will have 45 days to complete the work; however not all of that time will be spent on Roxbury Street, as there are several other streets in the program.

The Roxbury Street Flood Improvements Project is tentatively scheduled to begin in mid to late May, and will extend from the bridge at Beaver Brook, west to Central Square.  Due to the scale and extent of construction, the work is separated into three phases to minimize potential impacts. The contract duration is four months, with completion anticipated in mid-September.

There will be regular press releases to communicate project milestones. Those living or working in the area who desire updates that are more detailed can register for e-mail notifications at the City of Keene web site here.

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