Park Avenue/Arch Street Signal System

The City of Keene has begun a project to replace the damaged and inoperable signal system at the intersection of Park Avenue and Arch Street.  The existing overhead flashing system and pedestrian signals were installed in the 1970’s, when Park Avenue was also State Route 12. 
The replacement system will include two new, relocated crosswalks across Park Ave.  The southern crosswalk will be located at the pedestrian path to Symonds School.  The northern crosswalk will be moved to the entrance to Wheelock Park.  Each crosswalk will feature pedestrian-activated warning lights to alert motorist when a pedestrian is crossing.  They will also include ramps that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act to accommodate those with mobility impairments.
While the work is underway, you can expect to encounter crews and equipment in the roadway and blocking sections of the sidewalk.  The contractor will have flaggers available to direct traffic and assist pedestrians.  As always, we ask that you avoid the work area if possible, and use extra caution when driving through the work zone.
The work is scheduled to be complete by early December.  
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