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Beards for Bucks fundraiser is back!

Beards for Bucks fundraiser is back! A fantastic and fun way to support local Child Advocacy Centers across the state!

For the month of October Keene Police Department personnel are bringing shaving to a halt to grow awareness and raise funds for children who are victims of physical or sexual abuse or who witness violent crimes.

For a $35 donation officers are allowed, for one month, to grow forbidden facial hair — such a look is prohibited by police department rules. An additional $100 will need to be raised by the participants, which is due by the end of the fundraiser.

By participating in "Beards for Bucks", officers help spread the word about child abuse prevention and promote the center’s dedication to helping young victims in the county.

Involvement in the campaign is not limited to law enforcement and donations can be made to the center in the name of a participating officer.

We need your support to help children throughout New Hampshire who are victims of child abuse. Show support of your local Police Department and Child Advocacy Center by liking and sharing our Beards for Bucks campaign. If you want to HELP make a difference locally, visit to learn how.

The Keene Police Department donation page can be accessed by clicking here.

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