Summer Playgrounds 2019!

Registrations for Keene residents will be accepted starting February 4th at 8:30 AM. Nonresidents will be accepted starting February 11th at 8:30am. 


IT’S SUMMERTIME 2019!! WHAT CAN THE CHILDREN DO?? Keene Parks and Recreation has programs for children aged 6 to 13. Check out these outdoor playground programs.

  • Wheelock Park - Limited to 90 children  Ages 6 to 11,  8:00 am to 4:00 pm, M-F
  • Robin Hood Park - Limited to 70 children Ages 6 to 11, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, M-F
  • Adventure Camp- Limited to 20 children ages 12-13, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, M-F
  • The child must be 6 years of age to sign-up for the Robin Hood or Wheelock programs
  • Signup online at  or in person at the Recreation Center. All online sign-ups have to be paid in full! In person signups have to make a deposit of ½ of the cost of camp.
  • Once registration limits for all programs are filled, the programs will be closed.
  • Summer Playground Dates:
    • Season: June 24th- August 16th
    • Session 1: June 24th- July 19th
    • Session 2: July 22nd - August 16th

*All dates are tentative and are based off the last day of school for the Keene School District.

  • Payment must be paid in full by May 10th so you do not lose your spot at summer camp! To save your spot at summer camp at the time of sign up, a deposit of ½ of the payment is required!  Each Session for a resident will cost $300.00, non-resident $400.00.  Sign up for the full summer and save!  The early bird payment for residents is $500.00 and non-resident is $700.00. Fees must be paid by April 1st to receive the discounted rate. Full cost of the eight week program for a resident is $600.00 and nonresident $800.00.
  • Adventure Camp Cost: Resident $700.00 and nonresident is $900.00. The early bird rate is $600.00 for residents and nonresidents is $800.00.
  • Both playgrounds offer: weekly nature programs, increased physical activity, enthusiastic, experienced staff.
  • Call the Recreation Center for details: 357-9829.


Program Payment Policy-- Any customer who has an unpaid balance with the City of Keene cannot sign up for any programs or activities until that past balance is paid off.  Once the balance is paid, payments for future programs will have to be paid either up front or paid in weekly payments before the program starts. All accounts do have to be paid in full before the start date. If they are not paid in full that registrant will be unregistered from the program. Keene Parks and Recreation does offer scholarship assistance if needed but those forms do need to be filled out prior to the program starting.

Summer Playgrounds 2019
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