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Solar panels installed on the roof of the Police/Keene Ice/Public Works buildings

The sun is a nuclear fusion reactor 93 million miles from the nearest elementary school. The sun puts out more energy every second that all of the energy used in human existence. There are approximately 2,100 solar panels located at 350-400 Marlboro Street. The array will produce 662 kW, the production expected in the first year is 760,000 kWh. During peak power generation the arrays will power all of Public Works and Police as well as putting some excess energy into the electric grid.

The CO2 offset will be over 800,000 pounds which is equivalent to 41,071 gallons of gas not burned, or removing 77 passenger cars from the road. The 10 year savings from the project will be over $225,000 and over the 25 year life is expected to exceed $685,000.


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solar in keene
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