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Public Works
The Public Works Engineering Division announces that due to the forecast temperatures the following city roads will have a 6 Ton Load Limit
Community Development
The purpose of this location study is to determine if the location of Station Two is effective and serving current and future needs of the City prior to investment in upgrades to the facility.  Ple
Keene Public Library
All Keene area veteran and first-time prose writers are invited to a series of writing workshops for advice and assistance on Monday evenings, January 6 through March
Producing Sustainable Homes with Renewable Energy.  Read more about how
Keene Public Library
The Keene Public Library is pleased to announce their participation in the Cheshire County Conservation District Urban Agriculture Conservation Grant, which has been funded through a pa
Keene Public Library
The Keene Public Library was awarned National Leadership grant awarded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
Keene Public Library
Patrons of the Keene Public Library can now access their favorite digital magazines using
Need some help finding a place to park?
Parks, Trails & Recreation
Are you a business in the Keene area looking to get your company name out? Check out our corporate sponsorship program and see what it can do for you!
Public Works
Street lights that are out can be reported using Eversource's website
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