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Technology Management Resources, Inc. (TMR)

Data Security Breach

The following provides information and answers to frequently asked questions concerning the data security breach that the City of Keene (City) notified potentially affected individuals and organizations about in letters dated November 11, 2020.

The City uses Mascoma Bank to manage certain of its financial accounts. One function that Mascoma Bank performs is receiving, scanning, and depositing checks written to the City and mailed the City’s lockbox. Technology Management Resources, Inc. (TMR) is a vendor of Mascoma Bank. Mascoma Bank uses TMR for data processing services related to that check processing procedure.

Mascoma Bank informed the City that TMR experienced a data security breach. According to Mascoma Bank and TMR, an unauthorized individual gained access to TMR’s database. As a result, that individual was able to view the images of scanned checks written to the City.

At present, the City is not aware that any of that information has been misused. Nonetheless, the City has notified all individuals and organizations potentially affected by the TMR breach, and is encouraging them to take certain protective measures. Specifically, the City is encouraging them to: (1) enroll in the complimentary protective services offered to them using the code provided to each in the notification letter; (2) contact their bank or financial institution to alert it about this breach; and (3) review the activity in their bank or financial account now and routinely thereafter, and notify their bank or financial institution immediately about fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions

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