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City Council Vacancies

Currently there are two vacancies on the Keene City Council.  A Ward Four and an At-Large seat.  The filing period will run from July 2, 2019 at 8:00 AM and extend until July 15, 2019 at 4:30 PM.  Only duly qualified voters registered in Ward Four at the time of filing may file for the Ward Four seat.   Only duly qualified voters registered in the City of Keene at the time of filing may file for the At-Large seat. Here is the process at the close of the filing period:

  • At the July 18 Council meeting the Council will be provided with the list of candidates and any background provided.
  • At the August 1 City Council meeting, each candidate will be given five minutes to address the Council.  Per the Rules of Order, Councilors may not ask the candidates any questions.
  • At the same meeting, after each candidate has spoken, the Council will determine who will fill the vacancies.  The Ward Four vacancy will be filled first.  If there are more than two candidates for the Ward Four vacancy, there will be a primary vote of the City Council to narrow the field of candidates to two.  The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes following this initial vote will be declared the finalists for election.  A final vote will be taken and the candidate receiving the votes of a majority of the elected City Council will be declared the winner.  The candidate will be sworn in and will immediately take their seat.  The City Council will then proceed to fill the vacancy of the At-Large City Council, following the same procedure. 

Click the links below for details on each candidate that has filed.  If candidates choose to provide background documents, these will be added to the site as they are received.

Fred Parsells
Robert J. O'Connor
Michael Remy
David Lanier

Kate Bosley
Margaret Rice
Teresa O'Rorke
John Therriault
Catherine Workman
Bradford Hutchinson



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