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Library Renovation Project

The Library/Annex renovation project will transform Keene Public Library into a model library for the twenty-first century: a center of learning, creativity, collaboration, and community.  During the project the Annex will be renovated, some improvements to the existing library building will be made, and a connector will be built to join the two buildings.


  • Construction Updates

    Oct. 5 - Library Renovation Project - Utility Work West St.

    Contractors working on the City’s library renovation project will be performing utility work in West Street beginning on the night of Tuesday, October 9, 2018.  Crews will work from 10:00 PM until 6:00 AM each night and the work is expected to take 3 days to complete.

    During this operation, West Street (between School St. and Saint James St.) will be restricted to alternating one-way traffic.  Flaggers will direct motorists around the work site.  Motorists are asked to avoid this area if possible and to expect delays.  Thank you for helping us keep our workers safe.

    If you have any questions regarding this post please call City of Keene, Public Works Department office at 352-6550.


  • Book Donations

    Due to the pending renovations to the lobby area and preparations for the upcoming book sale, the Friends have temporarily stopped accepting donations.  The book bins are being emptied on September 25 and will be closed until sometime in January (date to be announced).  We appreciate your ongoing support of the Friends book sale, which provides funding for library expenses that are not covered by the city (like our very popular museum passes) but please hold onto your donations until further notice!  More information about the Friends of the Keene Public Library book sale.

  • Parking Information and the Book Drop

    The parking spots between the Library and the Annex and on the West side of the Annex are not available. The library entrance and the book drop will remain open and accessible, although the book drop will not always have drive-up access.  Parking on Winter St. will remain the same.  Download the parking map.

    Parking Map


  • West St. Landscaping

    Keene Public Library, West St. Landscaping—October 3, 2018

    During the planning and into the construction of the Library expansion, assessments were made of the library landscaping, with focus particularly on the trees lining West St. (Please see attached photos).

    After careful evaluation by Bartlett Tree Experts, it was determined that the two sugar maples are in poor condition and should be removed. The declining conditions had been noted in previous reviews, and the trees were being watched. The westernmost sugar maple has visible rotten limbs and much earlier than normal change of foliage. The distress of the sugar maple to the east is shown by its exposed roots and dead interior limbs. Both trees are further impacted by the construction of sidewalks and ADA accessible pathways. 

    Given their condition, the trees pose safety risks in an area that will see increased public usage with the opening of the West St. entrance and will be removed. Local woodworkers, who have examined the trees, will use some of the sound portions to create pieces turned on a lathe. Two new trees will be planted to grow in their place and will be selected to provide interest, variety of species and to offer fall colors and foliage for many years to come.

    Three additional trees line West St: a Norway maple, a linden and a silver maple. The Norway maple and the linden will need some special handling during the time of construction of the paths leading to the entrance. The City will monitor and nurture them using best management practices with the assistance of Bartlett Tree arborists. The company has already cabled together the linden’s two trunks to stabilize it. Proper care and cuts during construction should ensure the health of the Norway maple.

    KPL trees 1.pngKPL trees 2_1.png

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