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Friends of the Keene Public Library

The money raised by the Friends underwrites aspects of Library operations that might not otherwise be possible. From our museum passes to a mobile wi-fi hotspot, from summer reading program materials to the family dances hosted in the Library, the Friends provide invaluable help to make the Library a vibrant place with unexpected offerings.

Thank you, Friends of the Keene Public Library, for all that you do!

  • Board Members

    President Jill Cielinski
    Vice-President Pam Knight
    Secretary Kathleen Chertok
    Treasurer Marilyn Gemmell
    Book Sale Committee Jill Cielinski, Jane Pitts, Kathleen Chertok and Will Collins
    Newsletter Pam Knight
    Heberton Fund Chair Paul Ledell
    Membership Sally Rinehart and Marilyn Gemmell
    Hospitality Jill Cielinski
    At Large David Meader, Michelle Fuller, Mike Chelstowski, and Jane Pitts(former President)
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