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LITTLE BITS OF LIGHT: an adaptation of I Never Saw Another Butterfly, April 23rd at 6:30 p.m.

In this unique adaptation of "I Never Saw Another Butterfly," playwright Amanda Faye Martin intertwines poems and artwork from children at the concentration camp Terezin with major historical events and her own family’s history. The story follows Pepicek, an optimistic Czech boy, and Werner, an isolated young man who only recently discovered he’s Jewish, during their time at Terezin. Tension builds as the camp anticipates a visit from the Red Cross and children are whisked away to places unknown. Despite the harsh reality inside the camp, Pepicek and Werner must find moments of unity, a sense of identity, and little bits of light.

Recommended for grades 4-12

Run time: 90 minutes

The Hampstead Stage Company (HSC) was founded by Holocaust Survivor, Kati Preston, and her family over 35 years ago. HSC performs live theatrical adaptations of classic literature in all 48 contiguous states for thousands of students and their families each year. Not only does HSC strive to educate audiences, but also to make high-quality theatre accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic background. Little Bits of Light: an adaptation of I Never Saw Another Butterfly is perhaps the most special production HSC has produced. Founder Kati Preston spends much of her time traveling to schools speaking about tolerance and sharing her experience with the Holocaust. She continues to fight against hate and promote love to future generations. HSC hopes to preserves Kati’s message through Little Bits of Light and to share this powerful story with audiences across the nation.

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