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36 and Counting Book Discussion: "The Last of the Just" by Andre Schwarz-Bart, Jan. 31st at 7 p.m.

Join us on for a discussion of Andre Schwarz-Bart’s novel, "The Last of the Just." The book follows the Levy family and a Lamed-Vav (righteous soul) in each generation for eight centuries. Books will be available to borrow at the Keene Public Library's Circulation Desk.

This discussion is part of the community-wide celebration "36 and Counting" in honor of the 36th anniversary of the Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Keene State College.

Jewish legend has a story that captures the significance of what is at stake in the witness of the righteous. In each generation, so the legend goes, there are 36 righteous persons (Lamed Vovniks) hidden throughout the world whose presence ensures the survival of the world. In contrast to Cain, they are their brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, watching out for their welfare, offering them their respect and fidelity, even in the most extraordinary circumstances. They are ordinary people offering simple human decency in the most challenging times and situations. And if they should think themselves otherwise than ordinary, they would cease to offer what they do. Their significance is hidden even from themselves. And yet, the world we share depends entirely on such as these.

Books are available for checkout at the circulation desk.

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