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Joint Planning Board/ Planning, Licenses and Development Committee

The Planning, Licenses and Development Committee and the Planning Board shall hold a joint legislative workshop, with public notice when proposed amendments to the City’s Zoning Map or Ordinance are received by the City Council. The intent of these workshops is to: prepare information for the Council, provide an opportunity for the applicant and the public to discuss the proposal in an informal fashion; and afford an opportunity for adjustment or modification of the proposal prior to the scheduling of a formal public hearing before the City Council.


Further Information

Videos for this committee can be viewed by click here. 

Minutes are posted after they have been adopted by the public body.  If you do not see the set of minutes you need on the website, please contact the City Clerk’s Office.

Staff Liaison

Rhett W. Lamb: 603-352-5440


Meetings are generally held the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 PM, unless otherwise noted

View the City Calendar to confirm the date and time of the next meeting.

2021 Meeting Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-2019 State of Emergency, meetings will be held remotely using the web-based program, Zoom.  Committee members and applicants will be participating in this meeting remotely (not at City Hall).

Members of the public will be able to access these public meetings through a variety of options, which are described below.


Due to the COVID-2019 State of Emergency, meetings will be held remotely using the web-based program, Zoom. If you have questions about these meetings and how to participate, please contact the Community Development Department at (603) 352-5440 or email:

How do I access the meeting online?

  • Go to the weblink:
  • Enter the Meeting ID: 893 8296 4232 
  • Choose how you listen to meeting: You will have the option to listen to the meeting using your computer audio or to call into the meeting. Zoom will provide you with phone numbers to choose from, if you select to call into the meeting.

How do I access the meeting if I do not have a computer or smartphone?

  • Call (646) 558-8656 or (888) 475-4499 (toll-free)
  • Enter the Meeting ID: 893 8296 4232
  • You will only be able to listen - You will not be able to see any visuals or graphics that are displayed during the meeting unless you access the meeting through Presentation materials may be mailed to you or picked up at City Hall upon request/appointment. 
  • Note: As an attendee of the meeting, your microphone and/or phone will be muted. To provide public comment during a public hearing/workshop, please hit *9 on your phone to Raise Your Hand.  

How do I provide comment during a public hearing / public workshop?

If you are a member of the public with an interest in speaking or providing comment on one of the applications being reviewed at the meeting or during a public hearing, please review the following guidance for how to participate in this meeting.

  • You may send written comments on the application to City staff in advance of the meeting by emailing: and put “Joint Committee” in the subject line, or by mail to City Hall c/o Community Development. 
    • Written comments will only be accepted until 3:00 pm on the day of the meeting.
  • You may speak during the public comment period on an application by one of the following methods:
    • If you are participating online on a computer or smart device, click on the “Raise Hand” button on the screen. The moderator will ask to unmute you and let you know when you are able to speak.
    • If you are participating by calling-in, press *9. The moderator will let you know when you are able to speak.
  • The Board will only accept public comments or questions related to the application for which the public hearing is being held.
  • Note: Public comment will only be accepted for a specified period of time. The Board Chair will inform the public when the public comment period of the public hearing is closed.

What if I have issues accessing the meeting through the computer or phone?

  • If you encounter any issues accessing this meeting, please call (603) 209-4697 during the meeting. 

What if I have concerns about participating via phone or computer?

  • If you would like to discuss alternative options for participating in these meetings, or for providing public comment, please contact City staff at 603-352-5440 or via email at:

Will this meeting be televised? 

  • Cheshire TV will broadcast this meeting live on Channel 1302.



The Public Workshop Phase for Ordinances O-2020-10 & O-2020-11 has concluded. Click HERE to learn more about next steps and upcoming public hearing dates for these ordinances. These Ordinances relate to the establishment of the City of Keene Land Development Code and changes to the City's downtown zoning districts. Petitioner, City of Keene Community Development Department, proposes to update and unite the City of Keene’s regulations related to land use and development, including the Zoning Regulations, into the City of Keene Land Development Code; to establish 6 new zoning districts in Keene’s downtown area (Downtown Core, Downtown Growth, Downtown Limited, Downtown Edge, Downtown Transition, Downtown Institutional Campus); to remove the Gilbo Avenue Design Overlay District and the Downtown Railroad Property Redevelopment Overlay District; and, to modify the SEED Overlay District. This proposed map change would affect 316 parcels, encompassing a total land area of approximately 220-acres, and would result in the removal of the Central Business and Central Business Limited Zoning Districts.

The full text of the ordinances and the proposed Land Development Code, as well as a summary of and maps displaying the proposed changes is available below or at, or by  appointment at City Hall during business hours by emailing or calling (603) 352-5440.


Overview of Ordinance Review and Adoption Process / Schedule of Meeting Dates



Maps Displaying Proposed Changes to Downtown Zoning

Summary of Proposed Changes with the Land Development Code

Full Text of the Proposed Land Development Code

Learn More About Proposed Changes to Your Zoning District

Compare the Existing and Proposed Downtown Zoning Districts on an Interactive Map (this does require high-speed internet connection to load properly)


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