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City Hall, Keene, NH


Gratz, Alan. Samurai shortstop 
While obtaining a Western education at a prestigious Japanese boarding school in 1890, sixteen-year-old Toyo also receives traditional samurai training which has profound effects on both his baseball game and his relationship with his father.

Hoobler, Dorothy. The ghost in the Tokaido Inn 
While attempting to solve the mystery of a stolen jewel, Seikei, a merchant's son who longs to be a samurai, joins a group of kabuki actors in eighteenth-century Japan.

Paterson, Katherine. The master puppeteer  
A thirteen-year-old boy describes the poverty and discontent of eighteenth-century Osaka and the world of puppeteers in which he lives.

Pray, Ralph. Jingu: The hidden princess 
In fourth-century Japan, a princess lives a life of loneliness and learning until she makes a secret friend, but her destiny forbids that they ever be more than friends.

Whitesel, Cheryl Aylward. Blue fingers: a ninja's tale 
Having failed apprenticeship as a dye maker, Koji is captured and forced to train as a ninja, where he remains disloyal until he discovers samurai have burned his former village.

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