Economic Development Ad Hoc Committee

Created to take an inventory of economic development efforts in Keene and the Monadnock Region and provide guidance and encourage collaboration and planning for comprehensive economic development efforts.

Further Information

Committee charge is to take an inventory of economic development and redevelopment efforts happening in Keene and the Monadnock region with the intent of identifying potential opportunities for collaboration.

Economic Development Website:

Zoning and Permitting Processes:

21 in 21 ~ Keene's Middle Neighborhoods

Staff Liaison

Medard Kopczynski


Committee meets third Tuesday of every month.

  • Active Members

      First Name Last Name Type Term Expires
    1 Kendall Lane Regular 08/02/2019
    2 Mitchell Greenwald Regular 08/02/2019
    3 Gary Lamoureux Regular 08/02/2019
    4 George Hansel Regular 08/02/2019
    5 Tim Murphy Regular 08/02/2019
    6 Phil Suter Regular 08/02/2019
    7 Jack Dugan Regular 08/02/2019
    8 Joseph Walier Regular 08/02/2019
    9 Jordan Benik Regular 08/02/2019
    10 George Foskett Regular 08/02/2019
    11 Bill Hutwelker Regular 08/02/2019
    12 Keith Thibault Regular 08/02/2019
    13 Chris McIntosh Regular 08/02/2019
    14 Rebecca Hamilton Regular 08/02/2019
      Last Updated: 12/20/2018    

Minutes are posted after they have been adopted by the public body.  If you do not see the set of minutes you need on the website, please contact the City Clerk’s Office.

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