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Please visit for up-to-date information on development opportunities and resources in Keene.  The site is designed to provide developers and business owners with all of the information, resources and contacts necessary to build or grow in Keene.  Choose Keene is also on Facebook.

New Economic Revitalization Zone (ERZ)
The City Council has approved the establishment of the Marlboro Street Corridor Economic Revitalization Zone.  With this addtion there are three ERZ's in Keene paving the way for businesses to expand and develop.  Interested parties may apply with the State of NH for ERZ business tax credits and contact the City at (603) 352-5474 to learn more and get started.

Keene is committed to sustainability, resilience and innovation.  A long standing commitment to ownership and responsibility for our future are what draw people and businesses to our resourceful community and what distinguishes Keene among communities nationwide.  There are numerous development investments presently underway in Keene including a new rural senior living facility, the expansion of the public library, the redevelopment of large historic buildings in the downtown, multiple manufacturing expansion projects, retail and small business development projects as well as the construction of new, large-scale residential buildings.  These significant, long-term initiatives representing a broad diversity of business and industry highlight the health and appeal of this New England community.  Keene does not rely on one business sector for jobs and economic growth, a fact that was recognized as contributing to a designation by Forbes Magazine in 2008 as the third-least economically vulnerable micropolitan town in America.

  • Available Commercial Properties

    There are a number of Keene commercial, industrial and retail sites available that range from downtown, business-ready shops to multi-acre properties ripe for development or redevelopment.  This includes vacant lots as well as developed properties in sizes ranging from a partial acre to 85 acres with City utilities.  We encourage you to contact our Development Department and MEDC (contacts above) to inquire about current commercial property opportunities.  

    Information about available properties is accessible online.

  • Transportation - Our Airport, Interstates and Alternatives

    Keene is located at the crossing of routes 9, 10, 12 and 101 and convenient to Interstates 91, 93 and 89.  Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Canada are all within reasonable driving distance.

    The Keene Dillant-Hopkins Airport (EEN) has the third longest runway in the state and, centrally located within New England, provides a vital transportation resource to local businesses.  The 1,000-acre facility has both primary (6,200 feet) and cross-wind (4,000 feet) runways.  It operates an automated weather observation system and is equipped with precision approach path indicators.  It can accommodate all types of aircraft up to and including large commercial jet airliners.  Current airport development priorities include plans for new large hangar facilities and the tentative development of a community transportation hub.  Additional international airports within reasonable driving distance include Manchester, Boston, Hartford and Albany.

    Bus service is available both for local routes and for interstate travel.

    Keene is committed to alternative transportation options made possible by its well-developed trail system and adoption of a Complete Streets ordinance. 

  • What Sets Us Apart

    Keene is known as a safe place to live and one of the nation’s top communities to raise a family.  Keene’s award winning, picturesque downtown is a popular destination for both locals and visitors and home to numerous community festivals throughout the year.  It is characterized by a wide variety of locally owned restaurants, theaters, shops, boutiques, parks and businesses, and is easily accessible by foot and bicycle via the popular and extensive rail trail system.  Our signature Central Square is busy with activities for all ages year-round. 

    The City Parks and Recreation department aims to provide the citizens of Keene with quality community services and amenities including a park system, balanced environmental stewardship and diverse programming to inspire and support active lifestyles for all ages throughout the life span.  Amenities include a new ice arena (Keene ICE) developed trail system, multiple parks, athletic fields and facilities, numerous youth and adult athletic leagues, and programming specifically designed to meet the needs of the community such as summer playground groups, senior walking clubs and after-school programs.

    There are four public elementary schools in Keene as well as a public middle school and high school which serve both Keene and nearby towns.  Additional school options include Saint Joseph Regional School, Monadnock Waldorf School, Trinity Christian School and Monadnock Community Connections (MC2).  Numerous daycare and preschool programs are also available.

    Keene is home to Cheshire Medical Center Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene (CMC/DHK) a modern 169-bed regional hospital and clinic with cancer care, rehabilitation, women’s health and sports medicine as well as over 125 medical practice providers via a partnership with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC).  DHMC is the sole academic medical center in New Hampshire and is located about 65 miles from Keene.  CMC/DHK is the founder of “Healthy Monadnock”, an initiative which aims to improve quality of life and prevent the leading causes of death across the region.  There are also multiple independent walk-in clinics in town.

    The city is also host to several large national retailers to complement its successful buy-local movement.

    Keene has modern Police Department and Fire Department facilities and services including a new Police Station in 2006 and Fire Station in 2014.  In addition to the Keene Police Department dispatch center which serves Keene, there are two additional dispatch services in town including Southwest New Hampshire Fire Mutual Aid and the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Department dispatch centers serving the county and greater region. 

  • Workforce Development

    Keene is home to multiple higher learning institutions including Keene State College, River Valley Community College and Antioch University New England.  Each of these schools plays an important role in producing a capable local workforce.  The Regional Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing program of the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce is one example of an initiative designed to meet the specific training requirements of local businesses while also serving to provide educational opportunities for local students.  Similar workforce development efforts are emerging for the healthcare and financial services sectors.

    Keene Community Education is an organized adult education division of the Keene School District that also provides a variety of academic, vocational and enrichment classes and apprenticeships that are essential to providing the local work force with the skills and qualifications necessary to meet business and industry employment needs.

    The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship in Keene also provides very valuable training and business incubation resources that have much to do with the success of Keene’s many small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit of the local economic environment.  This will continue to be a vital resource for local businesses.

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