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Community Development

Keene's Preliminary Draft Land Development Code

The City of Keene is encouraging community members to review and share comments on a preliminary draft Land Development Code, which includes proposed changes to Keene’s downtown zoning districts. This draft Code is an effort to update and reorganize the City's land use/development regulations to be more user-friendly, and to create a more intuitive roadmap for development  to occur in the City.

This draft is available at:

Opportunities to Share Comments / Ask Questions:

  • Virtual Info/Comment Sessions - City staff will be holding virtual sessions for the public to share comments and ask questions about this draft code using the online platform, Zoom, on August 12 at 12:00 pm and August 13 at 6:30 pm. A toll-free call-in number is available for those without access to a smart device or computer. To learn more about the draft code and these info sessions, visit the project website at or call 603-352-5440.
  • Joint Committee - The public may attend upcoming meetings of the City’s Joint Committee of the Planning Board and Planning, Licenses, and Development Committee on August 10 and September 14 at 6:30 pm to learn more about the draft and share comments.
  • One-One Meetings - The public is encouraged to schedule time to speak with City staff directly by contacting Tara Kessler at 603-352-5440 or

Resources to Help Understand Draft Code and Proposed Changes:

  • Change Summary Provides an overview of major changes to the draft Code (click here)
  • Webmap ToolThis map does involve some instruction; however, it allows you to visualize and review proposed changes to the Downtown Zoning and compare existing vs proposed regulations (click here)
  • Zoning ComparisonThis link brings you to a listing of all the zoning districts to review existing vs. proposed uses and/or dimensional requirements as part of this draft (click here)

Land Development Public Information Session

Keene's Preliminary Draft Land Development Code
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