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Commercial Permit Process

For any questions on inspections, please contact the office at (603) 352-5440.

  • 2. Building Permit

    • FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION - Submit a completed application with all required signatures and 3 sets of construction drawings.  The first review will be completed by the Plans Examiner according to the 2009 ICC Building Codes.  All comments and questions will be sent to the applicant for a response.
    • Projects larger than 5,000 sq. ft. require a third party review. Contact the Permit Technician, (603) 352-5440, for a list of approved reviewers.
    • Additional reviews may be necessary.  If this is the case, Code Enforcement staff will advise and assist.  Reviews may include:
      • Fire Department: compliance with the Fire Code, installation of smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, egress and/or boiler installation.

      • Assessing Department: If a new Tax Map Parcel number is to be assigned.

      • Health Department: If there is a need for a Food License/service and kitchen inspections.

      • Planning Department: If not already contacted prior to permit submittal.

      • Code Enforcement: To review the 2009 International Code Council Building Codes with NH State Amendments.

      • Engineering: If curb cuts, street numbers and/or street drainage are needed.

  • 3. Permit approval and issuance

    • Once the plans satisfy the Building Code and the City’s Zoning Ordinance, the permit will be approved and ready to be issued according to Appendix B, Chapter 18.
    • An inspection card will be given outlining the inspections needed as well as a stamped set of building plans required to be onsite at all times for the Building Inspectors to review while in the field.
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