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Brooks, Martha. Queen of Hearts.
Shortly after her first kiss but before her sixteenth birthday in December 1941, Marie Claire and her younger brother and sister are sent to a tuberculosis sanatorium near their Manitoba farm.

Bruchac, Joseph. The Winter People.
As the French and Indian War rages in October of 1759, Saxso, a fourteen-year-old Abenaki boy, pursues the English rangers who have attacked his village and taken his mother and sisters hostage.

Curtis, Christopher Paul. Elijah of Buxton.
In 1859, eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman, the first free-born child in Buxton, Canada, which is a haven for slaves fleeing the American south, uses his wits and skills to try to bring to justice the lying preacher who has stolen money that was to be used to buy a family's freedom.

Doyle, Brian. Uncle Ronald.
In 1895, to escape his violent father, Mickey is sent to stay with his Uncle Ronald and his twin aunts in the hills north of Ottawa and learns to feel safe for the first time in his life.

Durbin, William. The broken blade 
When an injury prevents his father from going into northern Canada with fur traders, thirteen-year-old Pierre decides to take his father's place as a voyageur.

Durbin, William. Wintering
In 1801, fourteen-year-old Pierre returns to work for the North West Fur Company and makes the long and difficult journey to a winter camp, where he learns from both the other voyageurs and from the Ojibwa Indians whose land they share.

Frost, Helen. The Braid.
Two Scottish sisters, living on the western island of Barra in the 1850s, relate, in alternate voices and linked narrative poems, their experiences after their family is forcibly evicted and separated with one sister accompanying their parents and younger siblings to Cape Breton, Canada, and the other staying behind on the small island of Mingulay.

Greenwood, Barbara. Factory Girl.
Twelve-year-old Emily must hold down her job working twelve-hour days in a garment factory in order to keep from starving. A story that includes historical interludes about the working conditions in factories at the turn of the century.

Harlow, Joan Hiatt. Star in the Storm.
In 1912, fearing for the safety of her beloved Newfoundland dog Sirius because of a new law outlawing non-sheepherding dogs in her Newfoundland village, twelve-year-old Maggie tries to save him by keeping him hidden.

Houston, James. River Runners: A Tale of Hardship and Bravery
Two young boys, who have been sent into the Canadian interior to set up a fur-collecting station, are befriended by a Naskapi Indian family.

Hudson, Jan. Sweetgrass
Living on the western Canadian prairie in the nineteenth century, Sweetgrass, a fifteen-year-old Blackfoot Indian girl, saves her family from a smallpox epidemic and proves her maturity to her father.

Napoli, Donna Jo.
Tired of his mother's overprotectiveness and intrigued by the life of African American explorer Matthew Henson, twelve-year-old Alvin travels north and spends a season with a trapper near the Arctic Circle.

Pearson, Kit. The Sky is Falling.
The experiences of a young girl and her small brother who are evacuated to Canada at the beginning of World War II and find that they will be staying with complete strangers. Book 1 in the Guest of War series.

Slade, Arthur. Dust.
Eleven-year-old Robert is the only one who can help when a mysterious stranger arrives, performing tricks and promising to bring rain, at the same time children begin to disappear from a dust bowl farm town in Saskatchewan in the 1930s.

Sterling, Shirley. My Name Is Seepeetza.
Seepeetza, whose "white" name is Martha Stone, keeps a journal describing her life at an Indian residential school in 1950s British Columbia.

Yates, Elizabeth. With pipe, paddle, and song: A story of the French-Canadian voyageurs, circa 1750
A sixteen-year-old lad, who can paddle, sing, and swim, signs a three-year contract as a voyageur and joins an expedition to north-west Canada in 1750 to search for furs and his future.

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