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City Hall, Keene, NH

Ancient Greece

Alcock, Vivien. Singer to the sea god 
When he and his companions flee their island home after the king's court is turned to stone, Phaidon begins to believe in the gods and monsters that his uncle has always scorned.

Faulkner, Nancy. The traitor queen
Willful Thalamika, irresistibly drawn to the Mycenean Prince, disdains the earnest advice of her friends, as Andrios tries desperately to uncover the truth behind flying rumors of disaster.

Galloway, Priscilla. Aleta and the queen: a tale of ancient Greece
Queen Penelope is besieged by suitors eager to claim the kingship of Ithaca; Odysseus, her husband, has been away for 19 years. Her clever attempt to stall them by spending years weaving and unraveling the same piece of cloth is exposed by the daughter of Kleea. Her companion. Kleea's granddaughter, Aleta, is ashamed of her drunken, traitorous mother. This original retelling of the Odyssey gives readers a unique look at life on the ancient Greek "home front" while remaining faithful to the details of the classic story.

Sreenivasan, Jyotsna. The moon over Crete
Eleven-year-old Lily travels back in time 3,500 years to ancient Crete, where women and men were equal.

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