Business Testimonials

The "Founding Four" Businesses
These businesses signed up to help the City of Keene's Cities for Climate Protection Committee launch the 10% Challenge. As the first in the community to participate, they have set an example and provide inspiration to other small businesses.

The Savings Bank of Walpole
Savings Bank of Walpole Taking Steps to Reduce Energy; Save Money

Prime Roast Coffee Company
As part of the 10% Challenge, Prime Roast Coffee has changed to compact fluorescent light bulbs and energy star appliances. The most significant improvement to date was the installation of a second entry door to create an airlock. The new door serves as a smart new addition to the attractive storefront. The airlock, in tandem with a more efficient exhausting procedure for our coffee roaster, has resulted in a 56% savings on our 2008 heating bill. The exhaust, which is designed to suck smoke, is turned off in the winter, to avoid heat-loss.

Additionally, nearly all Prime Roast employees use alternative forms of transportation when traveling to work; those that don't walk or bike to work travel by scooter or hybrid vehicle.

Future plans include a timer for the window lights, a bathroom light sensor, a better recycling program for our building and bicycle "parking" in front of the store.

Prime Roast serves as a hub for the community and a wonderful example of a small business doing its part to assist the community in achieving sustainability.

The Pub Restaurant
The Pub has converted to an 80% Energy Efficient kitchen; switching from electrical to propane gas, and investing in several Energy Star appliances, including fryers, grills, ovens, ranges, and a new exhaust system. The entire establishment has also been outfitted with compact fluorescent light bulbs. The catering and take-out services use biodegradable, recycled, and potato and bamboo-based products.

Future possible projects include an upgrade and consolidation in refrigeration and freezer units, as well as a new heating system. Unfortunately, due to the rise in fuel prices, The Pub has witnessed a large heating oil consumption reduction, but not a reduced bill! The Pub has also contacted PSNH through a program to evaluate more potential opportunities for the restaurant to reduce its fuel consumption and energy costs.

The Pub hopes to see the 10% Challenge help small business owners to maintain and decrease their operating costs and to protect the Local Business bottom line in the face of soaring energy and food costs. Keene initiatives, such as assisting local businesses in finding tax credits, write-offs, or grants for solar panel retrofitting, could help sustain and revitalize the local economy.

Other Challenge Participants

Stonewall Farm earns 46% in Energy Savings and realizes a $12,000 cost reduction