State of NH Collecting E9-1-1 Information

The State of New Hampshire Division of Emergancy Services and Communications is currently working in your town to collect all road and addressing information. This will enable them to provide exact location information to dispatch agencies should an emergency arise.

This process involves going to each structure in the town and collecting the actual X,Y coordinates, all posted addresses, and any new roads that they do not currently have in their data. If addresses are not clearly posted, they may need to verify resident or utility information. Should the need for this arise, they will always be in a clearly marked state vehicle and all employees have ID’s and carry information cards with the bureau contact information. 

After the collection process is complete they work closely with the town to ensure that the information gathered is complete and accurate. Upon acceptance by the town, paper and digital maps are generated for the town.

To read the outline for the collection process, please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact E9-1-1 Mapping at (603) 527-2069.