City of Keene Mural Project

Come see the beautiful mural at the Keene Recreation Center that depicts the history of Keene through the artistic creation of local volunteers.

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The purpose of the mural project made possible by generous donations of local residents and businesses was to transform the experience of the existing wall to be innovative and inviting. The design was developed by the community of all ages though discussions facilitated by the artist and executed with direction by professional muralist, Jeanne-Marie Eayrs and participants from various groups, volunteers and students in Keene.

Mural Photo  Mural Photo  Mural Photo  Mural Photo

Each participant had an opportunity to be part of a creative process and produce a piece of art that they can be proud of.  Murals in particular are a great expression of community spirit and activism, therefore, presenting an opportunity to transform and build relationships within our local community, as well as encourage leadership and team building. 

  Mural Photo  Mural Photo  Mural Photo

This project enabled and empowered the community at large; to illustrate all the good things about being part of one diverse yet inter-connected company.  It is a wonderful example of Keene's Spirit of Place.