Orientation, Training and Development

One of the many challenges that face organizations today involves the training and retention of a highly-motivated workforce, as well as one that attains personal job satisfaction.

Because the City of Keene places a very high value on providing exceptional customer service, it strives for a supportive, team-oriented work environment.  Employees receive orientation as an important first step in developing a workforce that is committed to providing seamless service, maximizing resources, and setting the standard for excellence.  A Buddy Program partners new employees with someone to help them deal with early questions as they transition to their jobs.  Employees are surveyed after their initial few weeks of employment regarding their entrance to City employment.  Periodic tours of the City's many and diverse departments are held for new employees to better understand the City's many functions, to meet some of the employees with whom employees interact, and to enable them to better represent the City.

The City places great importance on continued professional development of its employees and is committed to developing a workforce that achieves standards of excellence in all municipal services.  Training and educationtoimprove the quality of job performance may be available as in-house training through the various departments of the City, outside workshops or other off-the-job opportunities sponsored by the City, membership in a professional organization, or pursuit of classes at an accredited school.

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