2016 Revaluation

All property in the City of Keene was last appraised in 2011.  As required by New Hampshire State Statute 75:8-a, the City will be revaluing all property for 2016. The project is underway and is scheduled to be finished in the fall prior to the setting of the final 2016 tax rate. The new values will have an effecitve date of April 1, 2016 and will be used to determine the final tax bill of the year.

The appraisal process includes a number of steps and processes that the Department and our contractors have been working on. These include reviewing property data, collecting market rents and expenses, reviewing sales, reviewing construction costs, analyzing data, and setting up valuation models. There are also a number of statistical tests that are run to determine accuracy and to ensure equity in the assessed values. Once preliminary values have been determined, property owners will be notified of their preliminary values via mail. The notices will also outline the process and provide times to allow for anyone wishing to disuss their value prior to the values becoming finalized.

Commercial & Industrial 2016 Assessed Values
Values by Owner Name
Values by Location

Residential 2016 Assessed Values
Values by Owner Name
Values by Location

For this project the City has contracted with the following appraisal companies:

Commercial Properties:
Property Valuation Advisors
Stephen Traub

Residential Properties:
KRT Appraisal

Utility Properties:
George E. Sansoucy, PE, LLC