State of New Hampshire Development Plan Vision and Goals

State of New Hampshire Vision Statement:

To support New Hampshire’s prosperity and unique quality of life we must maintain the essential character of our state's natural and built environment through innovative approaches to planning, preservation and development at the state, regional and local level.

State of New Hampshire Smart Growth Principles:

Incorporated as part of New Hampshire’s planning policy under sections 9:A and 9:B of the State Statutes, “smart growth” is development that serves the economy, community, and the environment. It does not mean “no growth.” Smart growth increases choices – opportunities to meet community and regional needs for housing, employment, goods and services, and quality of life through more efficient, creative development. Smart growth conserves and makes the best use of vital natural and cultural resources. It enhances the choices and opportunities for present and future generations of citizens. Smart growth does not demand a particular solution, but rather an approach that considers and appreciates the essential qualities and features of the community as it moves forward. Throughout the planning process, in combination with conversations about community values and sustainability, the “Principles of Smart Growth for New Hampshire” were generally referred to. In order to create alignment with the State’s policy for achieving smart growth, these principles have been incorporated into this document to help guide Keene towards a sustainable community. The eight principles and NH goals to implement the State Vision are included in Appendix C. 1

1 From “Achieving Smart Growth in New Hampshire”, Office of Energy and Planning. (PDF)