Legislative Review Page - Police

Below you will find Legislative House and Senate Bills pertaining to Police related issues. Click on the House or Senate Bill number to go the State of New Hampshire Bill Status page. Also on this page you will find links to view the full text of the bill and docket information.

If the status of a Bill is not listed on our page, it is still in the legislative process and will require that you look to the State site for further information relative to its disposition. Our page will only indicate if the Bill has been adopted or defeated.

Bill Number Description of legislative initiative
HB103 limiting the capabilities of wireless communication devices in motor vehicles
HB123 relative to walking disability placards 
HB130 relative to the use of blue lights on emergency vehicles
HB134 establishing a committee to study the use of motorized scooter chairs on roadways and sidewalks
HB164 relative to processing applications for the therapeutic use of cannabis
HB165 relative to the definition of "qualifying medical condition" for the therapeutic use of cannabis
HB207 defining probable cause or reasonable ground for the purpose of arrest without a warrant
HB214 relative to circumstances under which a police officer's certification may be revoked
HB240 prohibting law enforcement agencies from using a drone to collect evidence
HB241 prohibiting driving while holding an animal in the driver's seat
HB262 relative to criteria for classification as a tier III sex offender
HB263 prohibiting residency restrictions on sex offenders
HB282 relative to removal or impoundment of a vehicle
HB287 allowing citizens to record by audio or video a traffic stop by law enforcement officers
HB374 permitting certain vehicles to proceed through an intersection after stopping for a red light
HB407 prohibiting the state and political subdivisions from acquiring military-equipped vehicles or equipment which are not readily available in an open national commercial market
HB426 relative to the prohibition on the use of mobile electronic devices while driving
HB436 relative to the penalty for making a false statement in a criminal complaint
HB442 changing references to "law enforcement officer" to "peace officer" in the Revised Statutes Annotated
HB468 requiring a warrant to obtain electronic device location information
HB469 relative to highway surveillance
HB475 prohibiting the state from engaging in acts of civil forfeiture
HB492 relative to military and historic reenactments and commemorations
HB510 estabilising a commission to study the regulation of pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers, and junk or scrap metal dealers
HB512 prohibiting confiscation of firearms, ammunition, or firearms accessories during a state of emergency
HB568 requiring a supervisory law enforcement officer to arrest a law enforcement officer when the supervisor knows that the law enforcement officer has committed a criminal offense
HB582 repealing the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver
HB585 relative to fines for violation of alcoholic beverage laws
HB587 repealing the registration fee for sexual offenders and offenders against children
HB590 relative to the accountability of public officials
HB602 relative to the use of drones
HB607 relative to fees for carrying a concealed firearm
HB617 requiring state police to wear a camera when interacting with the public
HB618 realtive to penalties for the possession of marijuana and relative to the cultivation of marijuana plants
HB636 relative to forfeiture of property
HB640 relative to the crime of criminal coercion
HB669 requiring law enforcement agencies to report on the receipt of certain equipment and grants from the federal government and on the deployment of tactical teams
HB683 regulating cash for gold businesses
HB685 prohibiting a state agency, state employee, or political subdivision from enforcing any federal law regarding a firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition
SB15 requiring owners of companion animals to leash such animals in the presence of a service dog
SB72 relative to confidentiality of police personnel files
SB106 restricting the sale or possession of synthetic drugs
SB116 repealing the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver
SB234 relative to police details on public ways
HB1446  relative to synthetic marijuana
HB1550 permitting the audio and video recording of a public official while in the course of his or her official duties
HB1566 relative to warrant requirements
HB1625 relative to penalties for possession of marijuana in the amount of one ounce or less and the cultivation of marijuana plants.