Resources on Jonathan Daniels


Daniels, Jonathan Myrick. American Martyr: The Jon Daniels Story [edited by] William J. Schneider.  

Daniels, Jonathan Myrick. The Jon Daniels story with his letters papers, edited by William J Schneider. 

Eagles, Charles W. Outside Agitator: Jon Daniels and the Civil Rights movement in Alabama

Mendelsohn, Jack, The Martyrs: Sixteen who gave their lives for racial justice

Williams, Julius P. Journey to freedom, honor and glory: a tribute to Jonathan Myrick Daniels, 2004. 

Audio Visual Materials

Here I am, Send Me: The Journey of Jonathan Daniels. Produced by Lawrence Benaquist and William Sullivan. The Episcopal Media Center, 1999. VIDEO Local Interest 004 and 005& 

Jonanthan Daniels Rembrance. VIDEO KSC (Lib Use only)

A Journey to Freedom Honor and Glory: An American Hero, Jonathan Daniels. DVD 323.1196 Journey 

Web Resources

BeliefNet Memorial: Jonathan Daniels

Jonathan Daniels and the Alabama Martyrs

Jonathan Daniels Episcopal Divinty School

Jonathan Myrick Daniels Encoplopedia of Alabama

Jonathan Myrick Daniels Find A Grave

Children's Books and Videos

Booras, Mary. The Story of Jonathan M Daniels: hero for Civil Rights.

Merrill, Ivy Jeanne. Decency and Nobility: The Life of Jonathan Myrick Daniels

Selma Lord Selma, Walt Disney Home Video, 2000.