Council Standing Committees

At the commencement of each municipal year, the Mayor appoints Councilors to serve on the Council Standing Committees. All Standing Committees of the Council consist of five (5) members. To view the list of current members, click on the committee name below. Items referred to Committee shall be in accordance with their areas of concern as follows:

Finance, Organization and Personnel Committee 

Assessment, budget, claims, disposition of City property, finances, information services, insurance, leases, organization, personnel, purchasing, and taxes.


Mitchell H. Greenwald, Chair
Kris E. Roberts, Vice-Chair
Terry M. Clark
Thomas F. Powers
Randy L. Filiault

Planning, Licenses and Development Committee

Airport land use planning, code enforcement, easements, economic development, floodplain, general development, housing, infrastructure planning, land use, permits, licensing, management of public parks and open space, planning, Rules of Order, wetlands, and zoning.


David C. Richards, Chair
David R. Meader, Vice-Chair
Bettina A. Chadbourne
Carl B. Jacobs
Emily P. Hague

Municipal Services, Facilities and Infrastructure Committee

Airport, cemeteries, facilities, fire, health, human services, lands, library, parks, police, recreation, safety, traffic control, and youth services.


James P. Duffy, Chair
Philip M. Jones, Vice-Chair
Janis O. Manwaring
Robert J. O'Connor
Sheryl A. Redfern

Meeting Schedule:

All Standing Committees, except Finance, Organization and Personnel, shall normally meet on the first Wednesday following a regularly scheduled Council meeting. The Finance, Organization and Personnel Committee shall normally meet on the first Thursday following the regularly scheduled Council meeting. Items to be considered by the Committee must be received by the City Clerk no later than 1:00 PM on the Tuesday prior to the Committee meeting. The City Manager and those department heads needed by the respective committees shall normally attend the regularly scheduled Standing Committee meetings. The City Manager may designate a department head or other suitable person to represent him or her unless he or she is requested by the Committee to attend a particular meeting, but the Committee Chairmen will make arrangements to avoid conflicting demands on the City Manager's time.