City Council Policies

Index of City Council Policies

Please note, the first page of each policy is a cover page detailing adoption date, and statement of purpose.  Following page one you will find the current policy.  The cover page includes a link to the current policy as well as links to any pertinent historical references.  Please contact the City Clerk's Office with questions.

Section 1.  General Organizational policies

City Council Rules of Order
Keene City Charter

Section 2.  operations

CP-OPER-001.2 - Resolution R-2011-27: Relating to Guidelines for General Assistance
CP-OPER-002.1 - Resolution R-2008-31: Relating to Frozen Water and Sewer Services
CP-OPER-003 - Resolution R-74-14: Relating to a Councilman's Creed
CP-OPER-004 - Resolution R-2006-12: Relating to Retention of City Council Meeting Electronic Recordings
CP-OPER-005.1 - Resolution R-2008-04 - Free Parking for Officials on City Business
CP-OPER-006 - Resolution R-94-8: Relating to the Mission of Keene City Government
CP-OPER-007.1 - Resolution R-2016-09: Relating to Compensation for City Councilors
CP-OPER-008.2 - Resolution R-09-01-A: Relating to the Legislative Process
CP-OPER-009.3 - Resolution R-2015-02: Relative to Electronic Communications
CP-OPER-010 - Resolution R-2013-24: Relating to City Council Disciplinary Process
CP-OPER-011 - Resolution R-2016-16: Relating to Oaths of Office

Section 3.  Fiscal

CP-FIS-001.1 - Resolution R-2015-39: Relating to Acceptance of Donations
CP-FIS-002 - Resolution R-94-32: Relating to City of Keene Budgetary Policies
CP-FIS-003 - Resolution R-2007-10: Adopting Residential Property Tax Exemption for Blind Taxpayers
CP-FIS-004.2 - Resolution R-2012-40: Relating to Elderly Exemption Qualifications
CP-FIS-005.1 - Resolution R-2009-32: Relating to Veterans' Tax Credit
CP-FIS-006.1 - Resolution R-2012-38: Relating to Exemption for the Disabled
CP-FIS-007.2 - Resolution R-2012-39: Relating to Exemptions for the Deaf or Severely Hearing Impaired
CP-FIS-008 - Resolution R-2007-11: Relating to Exemptions for Solar/Wind Powered/Wood Heating Energy Systems
CP-FIS-009 - Resolution R-2005-07: Relating to Veterans' Surviving Spouse and Service Connected Disability Tax Credit
CP-FIS-010.1 - Resolution R-2015-11: Relating to Free Parking
CP-FIS-011.2 - Resolution R-2009-02-A: Relating to Acceptance of Archival Gifts
CP-FIS-012.7 - Resolution R-2016-25-B: Relating to Fiscal Policies
CP-FIS-013.3 - Resolution R-2012-19: Relating to Funding for Community Events
CP-FIS-014 - Resolution R-2013-04: Relating to Post Issuance Tax Compliance Policies and Procedures
CP-FIS-015 - Resolution R-2013-12: Relating to Joint Procurement with other State and Governmental Entities

Section 4.  Land, Buildings & equipment

CP-LAND-001 - Resolution R-77-47: Relating to Use of Recreation Facilities
CP-LAND-002.1 - Resolution R-2009-28: Rescinding Resolution R-88-39-A and Adopting a Fee Schedule for Use of the Recreation Center
CP-LAND-003 - Resolution R-88-86-29: Relating to Woodcutting and Removal on City Forested Lands
CP-LAND-004 - Resolution R-88-3-A: Relating to Conservation Gift and Donation Policy
CP-LAND-005 - Resolution R-88-16-A: That Funds Received from the Sale of Conservation Land be Allocated to the Conservation Acquisition Fund
CP-LAND-006.1 - Resolution R-2008-33: ADA Protocol for Access Ramps on City Property
CP-LAND-007.1 - Resolution R-2010-31: Relating to Sale of City-Owned Real Property
CP-LAND-008 - Resolution R-2000-28: Relating to Amending the Street and Utility Requirements and Standards
CP-LAND-009.1 - Resolution R-2010-34: Relating to Special Equipment Purchase Standardization (Physio-Control Defibrillator Purchases)
CP-LAND-010.1 - Resolution R-2010-33: Relating to Special Equipment Purchase Standardization (Scott Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)
CP-LAND-011 - Resolution R-93-27: Relating to the Standardization of Streetlight Fixtures
CP-LAND-012.2 - Resolution R-2008-42: Relating to Standardization of Telephone Systems
CP-LAND-013.1 - Resolution R-2010-35: Relating to Special Equipment Purchase Standardization (Hurst Extrication Equipment)
CP-LAND-014.1 - Resolution R-2014-02: Relating to Special Equipment Purchase Standardization (HP Desktop and Portable Computers and Microsoft Office Software)
CP-LAND-015.2 - Resolution R-2015-30: Relating to Use of City Park Lands
CP-LAND-016.1 - Resolution R-2008-17: Employee Computer Purchase Program
CP-LAND-017 - Resolution R-99-11: Relating to Guidelines for the Development of Management Plans for Forested Land Owned by the City of Keene for Conservation
CP-LAND-018.1 - Finance, Organization and Personnel Report: Sole Source Provider - Amer Electric - for all Work to be Performed at the Keene Police Department
CP-LAND-019.1- Resolution R-2015-29: Relating to Use of Central Square and Railroad Square
CP-LAND-020 - Resolution R-2010-39: Relating to Special Equipment Purchase Standardization (Globe Structural Firefighting Gear)
CP-LAND-021 - Resolution R-2012-06-A: Relating to Use of Vacant Space at 350/400 Marlboro Street
CP-LAND-022 - Resolution R-2012-05: Relating to The Michael E.J. Blastos Community Room
CP-LAND-023 - Finance, Organization and Personnel Committee Report: Sole Source Provider - H.P. Fairfields, LLC - MadVac Litter Collector
CP-LAND-024 - Finance, Organization and Personnel Committee Report: Sole Source Provider - Jack Farrelly Company - Robin Hood Dam Drainage
CP-LAND-025 - Resolution R-2013-23: Relating to Purchasing Used Vehicles as part of the Fleet Services Division Fleet Replacement Program
CP-LAND-026 - Finance, Organization and Personnel Committee Report: Sole Source - Parker Hannifin THM Analyzer
CP-LAND-027 - Finance, Organization and Personnel Committee Report: Sole Source - FKC Company - Wastewater Treatment Plant Dewatering Equipment Upgrade
CP-LAND-028 - Finance, Organization and Personnel Committee Report: Sole Source - Landfill Generator Bottom End Overhaul and Generator Rewinding
CP-LAND-029 - Resolution R-2015-16: Relating to Use of City Equipment - Variable Message Boards
CP-LAND-030 - Resolution R-2015-17: Relating to Outdoor Lighting within the Public Right-of-way and on Public Land