Stone Arch Bridge Preservation Committee


To provide long range planning, project oversight, and general direction for the Stone Arch Bridge Preservation Project, in partnership with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development, and the New Hampshire Dvision of Historical Resources.

MEMBERS - appointed by the mayor on February 4, 2013

1. John Little
2. Jeananne Farrar
3. Nancy Burridge
4. John Summers
5. Hale Woodward


Committee meetings are always open to the public and held the second Thursday of the month at 3pm.

The Chair of the Stone Arch Bridge Preservation Committee, Jack Little, recently spoke about the rehabilitation efforts undertaken recently to preserve the Stone Arch Bridge. To view an excerpt from the interview, please view the video below:

Stone Arch Bridge Grant Information - Video

For more information, including the Committee's informational packets and meeting minutes, please contact the Planning Department at 603-352-5474.