Ad Hoc Marlboro Street Re-Zoning Committee

Mission Statement

An ad hoc Committee has been appointed to assist in providing overall direction, public outreach, and support to Planning Department staff and the selection consultant to implement the Marlboro Street Re-Zoning Initiative.  Unless otherwise stated, ad hoc committees are in existence for one year from their appointment date.


1.   Chuck Redfern, Chair

2.   Kathy Harper, Vice-Chair

3.   Dale Pregent

4.   Jan Manwaring, Councilor 

5.   Dr. Andy Robinson

6.   Dr. Mike Welsh

7.   Richard Berry

8.   Robert Pratt

9.   Darryl Masterson

10. Susan Thielen


Please click here for a link to the Planning Department's project webpage for background and current project information.  To add your email address to the project contact list, call 352-5474, or contact City of Keene Planner Michele Chalice at (603) 352-5474 can also be contacted for additional project information.



Board Contact Info