HDC - Ordinance Review Subcommittee


The Historic District Commission's Ordinance Review Subcommittee will hold their next meeting on Thursday, June 5th, 2014, at 4:30pm in the conference room on the second floor of City Hall at 3 Washington Street in Keene. The public is welcome to attend. For more information about this Subcommittee, please contact the Planning Department at: (603) 352-5474, email Planner Karen Purinton at kpurinton@ci.keene.nh.us or come by the 4th Floor City Hall at 3 Washington Street in Keene, NH.

The Subcommittee has been working on a summary of their work over the past year, which can be viewed by clicking here - Members hope to share this document at a public event in early May, 2015.

To view the informational packet for previous meetings, please click the link below:

March 2014 Packet

April 2014 Packet

May 2014 Packet

June 2014 Packet

August 2014 Packet

The charge for this Subcommittee is as follows:

  1. Perform any research or fact-gathering needed to prepare the draft Historic District Ordinance;
  2. Identify stakeholders, including property owners in the proposed district, and work to engage these and other members of the public during the drafting process;
  3. Prepare the contect of the Historic District Draft Ordinance with support from City Staff, ensuring that all regulations are compatible with the Keene Comprehensive Master Plan and all zoning ordinances;
  4. Present draft to the Historic District Commission for their review, comment, and proposal to City Council; and
  5. Make alterations to the Draft Ordinance as requested by the Historic District Commission and City Council through the public hearing and adoption process.

For further information about the proposed Lower Main Street Historic District, please view the following powerpoint presentation that Louise Zerba, Chair of the Heritage Commission, gave to the Historic District Commission in February 2014.

View a PDF of the presentation by clicking here.

The speaker comments can be viewed by clicking the small speech bubble in the upper left hand corner of each slide.