Conservation Commission

Mission Statement

Created to promote the development of natural resources in the City and the protection of watershed resources of the City.


1. Matthew Walton, Term expires Dec. 31, 2015
2. Tad Lacey, Term expires Dec. 31, 2016
3. Dr. Ann Shedd, Term expires Dec. 31, 2014
4. Councilor, Janis O. Manwaring, Term expires Dec. 31, 2017
5. Brian J. Reilly, Term expires Dec. 31, 2017
6. Thomas O. Haynes, Term expires Dec. 31, 2015
7. Dr. William Fleeger, Term expires Dec. 31, 2016
8. George Hansel, alternate, Term expires December 31, 2016
9. Vacancy, alternate, Term expires December 31, 2015
Last Updated: 03/26/2015

Board Contact Info

For further information contact the Planning Department at 603-352-5474.
Schedule: meetings are open to the public and held on the third Monday of each month
at 4:30 PM in the 3rd Floor Conference Room of City Hall*

*Meeting dates are subject to change

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The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services' Drinking Water & Groundwater Bureau is asking for public comment on the DRAFT Climate Change Resilience Plan developed in April of 2014. The plan can be seen by clicking the link below:

Draft CC Resilience Plan



Top 9 Priority Natural Resource Concerns in New Hampshire