Agricultural Commission

Mission Statement

Created to ensure proper recognition, promotion, enhancement, encouragement, use, management, and protection of agriculture and agricultural resources in the interest of the economic prosperity, cultural and aesthetic enrichment, natural resource protection, and general welfare of the community.  The word “agriculture” shall include the entirety of RSA 21:34-a, which is the definition of farm, agriculture, and farming.

This purpose will be safeguarded by the establishment of an Agricultural Commission in accordance with RSA 673:4-b.


1. Marcia Duffy, Term Expires Dec. 31, 2016
2. Alison Welsh, Term Expires Dec. 31, 2017
3. Eleanor Vander Haegan, Term Expires Dec. 31, 2017
4. Carl Jacobs, Councilor Term Expires Dec. 31, 2015
5. Kathy Harrington, Term Expires Dec. 31, 2016
6. Alan Bettler, Term Expires Dec. 31, 2015
7. Sarah Wilton, Term Expires Dec. 31, 2017
8. Mark Florenz, alternate, Term Expires Dec. 31, 2016

Last updated: 02/05/2014

Board Contact Info

For further information contact the Planning Department at 603-352-5474.

Schedule: to be determined

*Meeting dates are subject to change