Energy Conservation

In September, the City of Keene’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program (EP3) Committee and the Information Technology (IT) Department sponsored an educational and fun contest designed to 1) reward the City department that conserved the most energy by switching off computers at the end of each workday, and 2) encourage City staff to become more energy conscious.

In total, there was the potential for 6275 instances of computers to be turned off over the month. This included all computers on the City network (not including those that have to be on overnight due to the nature of the work they perform) multiplied by 30 days. The results were very good. 76% of the time computers were powered down, and just 24% of the time they were left on. The department with the highest percentage of computers powered down at night for the month was Human Services/Youth Services. The Department received a certificate of recognition signed by the Mayor and $100 cash donated anonymously by an EP3 Committee member. And, of course, bragging rights!

The EP3 Committee continues to encourage City staff to power down computers before leaving each day. The Committee also assists the City’s Purchasing Division with identifying and purchasing products and services that 1) reduce toxicity, 2) conserve natural resources, materials, water and energy, 3) maximize recyclability and recycled content and reduce waste. For more information, call Yves Gakunde, Chairman of the City of Keene EP3 Committee at (603)357-9800 or email

Photo of Human & Youth Services Staff (from left to right) Liz Sayre, L.B. Brown, Sondra Miller, and Natalie Darcy.

Human Services Energy Conservation Winners


Article co-authored by Yves Gakunde and Carlotta Lilback Pini