Youth Services

Youth Services Mission:

  • Strengthen community involvement in family and youth.
  • Creating opportunities for positive community attachment.
  • Empower youth to make responsible decisions
  • Holding youth accountable for their actions.

Youth Services provides prevention and intervention programs to youth and families of Keene and many towns in Cheshire County.  Programs and services actively involve the community in addressing the issues that are facing today's families and society.  Programs provide youth to acquire new skills, positively connect to the community, and to experience clearly the standards and beliefs in the development of healthy behaviors.


Youth Services is comprised of four major program areas.  These areas are Adolescent Brief Intervention Program (ABIP), Juvenile Court Diversion Program, Earn-It, and City of Keene Summer Youth Employment Program (SYE). Visit our websites for resources and events for teens and for parents




It's that time of year - we are looking to hire residents of Keene in our Summer Youth Program.  If you are 14 years old by June 30, 2016 please apply to this program to gain work experience and earn some money over this summer.  The applications must be completed by Friday, May 6th.

Applications are no longer being accepted.

If you have any questions please call 603-357-9810.  Youth Services is open Monday through Friday from 8 to 4.


2015 Summer Youth Employment Video


  • Employment program for Keene youth ages 14-15 for six  weeks during the summer
  • Educates youth/parents regarding the everyday running of the City and local government
  • 28 youth employed in over 8 different departments of the City

Adolescent Brief Intervention Program


  • Community-based prevention program serving non-adjudicated youth age 7 through 17 years and their families
  • Strives to prevent inappropriate or unnecessary court involvement through assessment, referral and  short-term case management services
  • Educates youth, parents, police, school personnel, and community members on community resources and CHINS petitions.




  • Pre-adjudicated intervention program for juvenile first time offenders as an alternative to formal juvenile court proceedings
  • Minimize a juvenile’s introduction into the justice system
  • Encourage a sense of responsibility and accountability on the part of juvenile offenders for their illegal acts
  • Program educates youth, parents, and community members about juvenile law and assists youth and families to gain access to local resources
  • 90% of JCC youth do not commit a second offense


  • Victim restitution program which arranges work situation for young offenders enabling youth to work off community services and restitution orders from the court or diversion program
  • Educates youth, parents, community site supervisors and members about juvenile justice issues and assists them in accessing local resources
  • 95% of youth complete monetary victim restitution and community service
  • 80% do not commit a second offence a year after successfully completing this program










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