Keene Water Information

Water and Sewer Billing Information

Your water and sewer bills are sent out four times a year, based on quarterly readings. All revenue collected through water bills remains in a special Water Fund which supports all water related activities. No property tax money is spent to support the Water Department, or is used to pay for water treatment. The water and sewer bills have two sections.
1. Both bills have a fixed fee that is based on the size meter in your house. This covers the fixed costs of the Water and Sewer divisions -- the debt service portion.

2. The bills also have a separate charge for the amount of water you use based on your water meter readings. The more water you use, the higher both bills will be. This is called the volumetric charge, and is based on the annual operating expenses of the Water and Sewer divisions. Last Fall, the City's water and sewer rates changed. The rates are explained below:

For the water portion of your bill each quarter you are charged a flat rate based on the size of your meter, and a separate volumetric charge for the gallons of water you use - $3.57
for every 100 cubic feet of water (about 750 gallons). For most single family homes, the flat rate is $15.73. The average household in Keene uses approximately 2,500 cubic feet of water each quarter, or about 18,700 gallons. The price for that amount water is $89.25.

So, the average quarterly water bill for a single family house is approximately $105. The more water you use, the higher your water bill will be.

Where to pay the bill

The bill can be paid in person at the Tax Collector's Office in City Hall, or
mailed to 3 Washington Street, Keene, NH 03431.


The owner of the property is responsible for the water bill, and any
repairs to the water meter, or water lines on your property. If there is a water leak or other problem, the Public Works Department may be able to perform the repair and send a bill, or you may hire a private contractor aslong as the work meets the City of Keene's minimum engineering standards.You are responsible for any repairs made on your water service from your property line or curb stop to your water meter, as well as inside your house. The City is responsible for repairs from your property line or curb stop to the main in the street.


Water and Sewer Division personnel are on call 24 hours a day to respond to
emergencies, but the homeowner may be billed for the service.
In an after hours emergency, call the Keene Police Department at 352-2222.
During working hours, call the Public Works Department at 352-6550.