Keene City Laboratory Staff

Donna Hanscom -- Laboratory Manager/Assistant Public Works Director

Donna has managed the City’s laboratory since its inception, 1985 to be exact. She moved to Keene from southern Maine, where she was the laboratory director for a small independent environmental laboratory. She graduated from University of New England (St. Francis College) in 1981, with a BS degree in Environmental Analysis.

Donna developed monitoring programs for water and wastewater programs. She works with members of the NH Department of Environmental Services in teaching classes in laboratory quality control to other wastewater treatment plants, and has participated in workshops and conferences on both water and wastewater issues.


Aaron Costa -- Laboratory Technician 2

Aaron began working for the City in 2001. He graduated from Keene State College, with a degree in biology. Aaron's experience at Hubbard Farms helped prepare him for his role in Keene.

Aaron is responsible for the day to day supervision of the laboratory and most of the instrumental analysis. He tests metals using an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AA) and quantifies and separates compounds using ion chromatography and he also keeps track of the reams of paperwork required for recordkeeping. Aaron leads most of the field sampling expeditions.


Zach Adams, Laboratory Technician II

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