Green Up Keene

Keene is a City with Environmental Dedication

Green  Up Keene 2008

2013's 'Green Up Keene' event is happening on and around the weekend of April 13th! This litter pick up event will build upon the successes of the prior years, and we will hopefully be more successful this year than ever. If you are interested in volunteering to help with an area, either send an email to the address below, or go to the Green Up Keene Facebook page.

Contact us for information on how you can help

The two maps below lists pickup routes for depositing trash (the first map with blue lines), and a second map with businesses, groups and organizations participating in the event with corresponding zones.

central  square

Our Mission

This day will be the first step in the direction of raising general awareness of the community's overall attempts to be a "Green" city. This means efforts from citizens, businesses and the city government will be recognized and celebrated. People will have a chance to network and volunteer for various environmental or sustainability projects happening in the community.

Volunteers come in all ages,
all shapes and sizes,
and all walks of life.