FAQ - Public Works

What do I do when…

There’s a streetlight out?

My Water Bill doesn’t look right?

  • Contact the water billing department at 603-352-3239
  • Water/Sewer Rates Information can be found here 

I want to report a water leak?

  •  Contact our office at 603-352-6550.

I want to know what is in our Drinking Water?

  • Current Water Quality Reports can be found here. And other information regarding drinking water can be found here.

I want to fill my pool with a hose?

I need an excavation permit?

I need an encumbrance permit?

  • Please see our Encumbrance Permit application here.
  • Permits can be submitted in person to 350 Marlboro Street or emailed to citreq-dpw@ci.keene.nh.us

When I see a leaking hydrant?

There's a pothole I would like to report?

There's a water/sewer/manhole cover lose/missing?

  • If cover is lose or making noise - contact us here or email citreq-dpw@ci.keene.nh.us
  • If cover is missing please call our office at 603-352-6550


Don't see your question here? Please feel free to Contact Us or call us at 603-352-6550.